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Terry is shot at his court appearance by the deceased boy's brother. He subsequently dies. 

But before he dies, he tells Ralph he was not the killer and to find out the truth. 

Ralph investigates the white van in the street and how it arrived in town. 

After speaking with the 12 year old kid, he learns that it was brought to town by the kid. 

Terry and his family vacationed in the place the van originated from. 

It later emerged that Terry did this because his father had dementia and his wife and daughters vacationed while he visited them. 

One of Terry's daughters continues to be visited by apparitions and struggles to sleep. 

Glory has a plan to get revenge for the way her husband was treated, but she is upset about everything. 

Ralph says he needs her help to find out the true killer, and Glory refuses to help. 

Another body seemingly appears in an old farmhouse. 

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