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Everyone is still at the house. The police agree to let Claude be after everyone vouches for him. 

Ralph asks the cops if they can interview the witnesses from the carnival. Nobody gives much of anything away. 

However, it allows them to extend an olive branch to the local police force. 

Holly tells everyone to not tell Claude anything in fear that El Cuco could be listening to what they are saying. 

Seale spills the beans and Claude flips out because the others are making their way to the cave. 

Seale, Claude and Howard set out to try to save them. 

Jack is waiting for everyone and shoots one of them dead when they arrive. 

Glory visits Jeanie and wonders whether everyone is playing her. Jeanie says that she didn't believe Holly at first, but is starting to understand more. 

Glory balks at the idea of a supernatural creature being part of the action. 

In flashbacks, two young boys go missing in the cave. A group of people go into help them, but the cave falls in and they all die after being trapped inside. 

Seale tells the story to everyone, but it seems he is missing some of it out. 

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The Outsider Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Ralph: Is there anything more that you can tell us about this man?
Man: Weird eyes.

Andy: He's hungry.
Ralph: And now hungrier still.