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Brad realized that he and Amy would need to go outside of the facility if they wanted to make an escape. 

Sykes agreed but warned that armed agents would be there. 

Brad came up with the idea of creating a treehouse, but Amy had no idea it was a distraction to give them height to scope out the surroundings. 

Randy went on a shooting spree after realizing everything was wrong with Project Noah. 

Brad tried to calm him down when it emerged that he was once a hostage negotiator. Clark showed up to blow Randy's brains out the moment Brad started learning the truth. 

Meanwhile, Anthony had visions of Rachel, and it turned out he did not kill her. The virus started to take over and Fanning made him choose a side or die. 

Anthony chose Fanning, and subsequently attacked someone who tried to save him. In the process, Jonas found himself with someone else's blood on him and no mask on. 

The Passage
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The Passage Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I think we're witnessing an evolution. We need to defend ourselves.


Brad: There's trouble coming.
Clark: If trouble comes, I'll handle it.