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Dylan and Ava sit in the hospital waiting room and wait for Caitlin to come out of surgery. Alison and Mona show up and talk to them about what happened. 

Dana Booker takes over the investigation. Dylan tries to see Andrew, but he says he;s not ready. 

Alison helps with BHU's fashion show, while Mona goes to search Taylor's RV. 

Caitlin wakes up and her mom comes to visit her. 

Alison and Ava find out Mason's coming back that night and try to find Mason's phone before he does. 

Mona finds a Beacon Guard monitor in Taylor's RV.

Caitlin tells her mom that she knows she's been cheating on her wife. Her mom tells her that she's running for govenor. 

Alison finds Taylor at Nolan's grave. 

Caitlin agrees to keep her mom's secret. 

Taylor reveals that she's alive to her mother. 

Caitlin comes clean to Jeremy about everything that's been happening. 

Mona realizes that Taylor's Beacon Guard can track locations and she tells the liars that Mason is already back at BHU.

Ava falts into the sewers while she and Dylan are looking for Mason's phone. Dylan goes down to look for her and they end up being chased by a figure in a pig's mask. 

Dana reveals to Ava and Dylan that she got to Mason's phone first and it proved his innocence. 

Mason shows up in Caitlin's hospital room and apologies for everything. He admits that Nolan told him all their secrets in case anything ever happened to him. 

Ava and Dylan show up just in time for her fashion show but they're dirty from the sewer. Ava is able to turn it around and use it as an artistic statement. 

Ava discovers the fellow student who was being cold towards her was the son of a man from who her father stole money from. 

Dylan and Ava visit Caitlin in the hospital. They suspect that Dana Booker is the one harassing them. 

Mona receives a notification from Beacon Guard saying that Nolan Hotchkiss is in her apartment. 

PLL: The Perfectionists
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PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You can trust Mona.


Ava: You're an optimist.
Dylan: I'm hopeful, yeah.
Ava: Okay, well today I will be too. 'Cause I can't imagine losing somebody else.