Alison Looks for Information - The Perfectionists
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The cops take away Nolan's body.

Ava refuses to be near Caitlin as Nolan's death is just how she imagined it. 

Caitlin admits to her boyfriend that she's relieved Nolan is dead.

Alison receives a text from Nolan to meet her on the roof at Thorn Hill. 

Nolan's death is ruled as a homicide.

Alison tells Mona about the text she got from Nolan, which makes it look like she killed him. 

Mona believes she was somehow responsible for Nolan's death so she gets caught in a trance trying to figure out who murdered. Alison slaps her and snaps her out of it. 

Caitlin and Dylan go to Ava's apartment to check on her.

Everyone attends Nolan's funeral. Mona tells Alison there was a Beacon Guard blackout at the time of Nolan's death. 

Dana Booker, the agent who questioned Ava on her parents' whereabouts, is in charge of finding Nolan's murderer. 

Alison tells Mona that she cares about her and that she'll be there if she ever needs her.

Caitlin catches up with her ex-boyfriend and Nolan's childhood friend. 

Dylan searches Nolan's hiding spot for anything he could've stashed about him and finds a note from someone who got there first. 

Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan search the woods to find out who could've tried to frame them for Nolan's death. 

Alison catches Dana snooping and they introduce themselves. Dana asks Alison for a copy of her students' recent papers. 

Alison goes home and finds Claire in her living room who tells her to be herself and to help her students. 

Dana pulls Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan out of Alison's class to question them. 

Alison interrupts to thank them for staying late at her house the night of Nolan's murder. Dana leaves them alone and Alison mutters to 'bring it on.'

PLL: The Perfectionists
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PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dylan: Why not just four sugars?
Caitlin: Three sugars is still considered a couple, you know like 'I'll take a couple of sugars.' But then when you ask for four they give you the look like you're gonna steal that sugar and put it in your bag.

Don't. That's exactly how you imagined it.