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The maid is still chatting with Jemma when the lady of the manor suggests she follow her lead for some reason. That sparks a concerned glance between Jemma and Nick. Rick? Does it really matter?

Miguel is riding with the cowboy talking about breaking the rules when they come upon a chick in the street dumping what appears to be street salt the throat of a fella in the street with a big funnel. The only reason it's shown is so the cowboy can stop the car to have a heart-to-heart with Miguel about threatening his livelihood aka person in the trunk.

Penelope or Miguel has a memory.

Penelope is screaming to please help her and that she should be let go, but I'm not really sure why she is suddenly so squeamish. She's totes excited to help people through their excitement of Purge night, so what gives?

The guy she knows has a paralyzed eye. He screams at her and spits in her face in the process. She says she's not supposed to be here, and he wonders where she's supposed to be. I wonder the same thing.

He kindly knocks her out with chloroform, which seems unfair all things considered.

The women's brigade is barrelling along in the Winnebago, and Jane says she "really, really" needs to get going. She's hardly affecting at all. Marge conceived both of her kid on Purge night.

The Host is plugging his wife Eleanor with her great party planning and the THREE offerings for the evening, none of whom has been sanitized for their protection.

Daggers are handed out to the guests as the three offerings are put into a few chairs in the middle of the tent. Oh, what fun. Blessed be America.

The guy with the eye says Penelope broke his heart when she joined a cult. He seemed like a nice normal guy at one point, even asking her if she was cool with smoking whatever goes into his drug pipe. He seems willing to try to understand what she went through on Purge night.

His parents got locked up trying to jack a grocery store, but he doesn't want anything to do with them if and when they do get out.

His dream is to get an RV and go to all the state parks. Penelope is tied to what looks like a pyre. 

Miguel and the cowboy eventually get into a fistfight in the truck. I can't remember why Miguel was with the guy in the first place. Oh. It was to get into the carnival. Miguel snatches the cowboy's pass off his chest.

Jemma is knocking on Lila's door apologizing for what Rick said and asking to please open because something's ready to go down.

Albert tells Nick he likes Jemma and reminds the hubby about joining the NFFA.

Miguel gets to the carnival and delivers the cowboy as his "haul" to security. He gets a wristband or something for the auction.

Penelope finally realizes that Purge Night isn't a night where everyone can treat their problems. Or maybe she's always known. I am not sure. She gives a speech to Henry (dude has a name!) and says he's the victim.

The Winnebago ladies mark a violent man across his forehead with a giant tattoo of PIG. It makes Jane leave.

Somehow she knows how to hotwire a car. Madelyn gives her a card with a number to call if she gets into trouble. As Jane has no purse or large pockets, it's doubtful she has a cellphone.

Rex the cowboy gets himself out of the pen before being auctioned.

Man, there's NOBODY at that carnival. It's like a ghost town.

Suddenly, Jane DOES have a cell phone and manages to call her mom's bedside at the hospital.

Nick finds Jemma upstairs outside of Lila's door. There is a crash and outside a window people are walking upon the house with guns before there is a crash on the roof. They need to hide! People are shooting the guests. Oh no!

A truck is moving at a snail's pace through an abandoned street with screechy acid metal music playing while people shoot guns and use fireshooters. Jane hides because, oh, scary.

Jemma wanted to get to the basement and finds Catalina the maid down there. She is a part of whatever is happening upstairs. Death to the NFFA apparently, taking place only at the McMansion.

Miguel finds Penelope and Henry promises to pay whatever it takes to have them both for the night.

Blue Robe lady used the moment Miguel left Penelope to strike.

It's already time for the radio dude to talk while we look at Lee Tergesen in the Iron Mask happen upon three sweet youths battering another youngin' with bats. 


The Purge
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The Purge Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Marge: My ex-husband. Feel sorry for that sack of shit.
Jane: Why? What happened?
Marge: Let's just say we adjusted his attitude. And his face.

You broke my heart. I just didn't want to be around for you to fix it.