Learning the Truth - The Purge
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Remembrance Day is here again. They're honoring and celebrating those who gave their lives for the Purge. They hand out urns in a box with all of their special effects.

The ashes are generic and in giant buckets that the workers then dribble into the tiny urns.

Buy your neighbors a cup of coffee if you see them wearing a yellow flower. After all, it's the American thing to do.

Someone is outside of Esme's door. It's Darren. He found what Professor Adams was doing.

Test subjects are numbers only. She was studying them for violent tendencies. The brain scans show violence and light up the pleasure centers of the brain like a drug, especially those of the younger generation who grew up with the 28th amendment.

If the NFFA is falsifying data about crime rates going down, nothing that they know is true.

Darren is disconcerted to learn the NFFA uses any excuse to follow and log criminals, including blowing a stop sign. It gives the government more reason to squash dissent, and they won't just allow that kind of data to be released.

Ben is beating the shit out of a mannequin thing in his room. His girlfriend has a video up on the computer. The three-month search for the beloved berry farmer came to an end when his body was found.

The guy was killed by heatstroke. That piques Ben's interest. Now we know the NFFA IS lying about the data and keeping things from the people.

Marcus discovers that the guy who tried to kill him lived on the street where he grew up. He thinks someone he grew up with could be behind his hit.

Michelle thinks that makes Tonya look a lot more suspicious, but Marcus knows she could never do that.

Ryan and his pals are testing out a frequency jammer. Wouldn't that be a crime? Would they really be as stupid as to sit in plain sight in front of the place where they're testing it?

Esme is looking for the test subjects. They're all coming up deceased. Every single one of them.

They have a Purge Night items sale on Remembrance Day which is still a full nine months out from the next Purge.

Ben finds someone similar to him in the Purge store. The other guy bumps fists with him when he says he Purged before.

And this is where the right-wing crap comes into play. Anti-Purgers all over Cook Campus. But out in the real world, there are a lot more people like them.

Marcus remembers 14 years earlier on Purge Night when people were outside of his house waiting for him. Creepy bastards.

There is a group of people trying to outlive Purge Night, kids included.

Esme calls Darren to tell him that everyone on the list is dead except for Olivia Hughes, and she's heading over there now.

Ryan's team is running the plan at his mom's house. So, that's all they do, all year? Plan for the next Purge?

Someone Marcus grew up with was Purged. He's upset that Tonya didn't call him. She figured he was busy.

Fourteen years ago again, and the power goes out on their survival party. People try breaking into the windows and use a freakin' chainsaw to cut down the door.

Marcus blows away the chainsaw weilder.

Someone got inside, though. Drop your guns. He's got knife to Tonya's neck. She won't let Marcus kill Eli. She knows who it is. She names him, and it throws him.

Tonya embarrassed him in front of the whole school, so he wants revenge.

Somehow, Tonya and Marcus successfully talk the kid down from Purging, and the situation ends in an embrace.

Marcus sees the truck that tried to run him down. But he might be mistaken.

Jamming the plane would be a Level R crime. We need to know what the levels mean. If the lowest level means death, then what's the point of leveling them?

Ben is going to wind up Purging his frat brother who ditched him on Purge Night. His new friend makes a list of everyone who annoys him during the year and begins making plans to Purge them.


Ryan wants to get Sarah and Doug out of the business. Ryan wants Tommy to roll on a bank employee with vault access. He gives him a name.

The only guy he knows is Carl, a real loudmouth who can be erratic.

The plan changed. The guard needs to walk out Ryan right now.

Marcus still remembers better days with Tonya. They were looking for a new house so they can be safe. More bedrooms and a view of the river aren't going to make them safe, she says. She's more interested in the community than moving away.

But she's not just talking about the house.

Tonya remembers a guy from last summer who was asking about Marcus.

Ben is partying and getting more annoyed by the minute with the guy who ditched him. Now he's imagining killing him.

He gets out his trust new knife and heads back to the kid's room. He's crying, and that throws Ben just a bit. His brother got Purged, and he got the box today. He didn't tell Ben because he left him to die. He can't stop thinking that his brother might have been out with friends who abandoned him. He's guilty about leaving Ben and apologizes profusely.

He tells the kid he was using his hunting knife to cut limes.

Marcas has to start from scratch with his suspect board. Michelle has an odd look on her face when he leaves the room.

Ben looks at the mask of his attacker and recalls what people have said. Is he regretting his actions?

Marcus sends a message to Ivory Road on the dark web to see if he can get information on who tried to Purge him.

Carl is super excited about being a part of Ryan's score. He seems like an idiot, but when Ryan threatens to kill him if he gets out of line, he seems a little threatening, too.

Esme was working on Olivia's file when the media suddenly went offline. All feeds.

She leaves the offensive screen up on her computer while she calls the detective. Olivia's case has been closed. Esme is sure it wasn't suicide. When the detective mentions her sister, she's like WTF? Meanwhile, her boss has her under electrical surveillance.

A hooded Ben is tracking down a girl who just left her friends. He dons the bloody mask. The credits roll.


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The Purge Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

If people could be addicted to violence, well then, that goes against everything the NFFA says about releasing rage and all that.


That just gives the government more reason to suppress dissent. Think about it, if they're lying about The Purge, what else could they be covering up?