Purge Headquarters - The Purge
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A voice actor takes the stage. She's auditioning for the voice of The Purge.

It reveals which weapons are legal during a Purge -- class four and lower -- and who is immune from the Purge -- government officials level ten and above shall not be harmed.

The actress reads that all crime, except murder, is legal when it should be that all crime, including murder will be legal for 12 continuous hours.

District 2, NFFA Headarters in New Orleans

The next shift of Purge shift operators are on the case. Not everything is legal, so they need to stay vigilant.

There is an actual group of people who monitor the heinous acts during Purge night.

Two hours until the end of Purge Night.

Esme finds a bomb in sector five. They'll have to remote detonate the device. If he survives the night, he won't much longer. It's a capital offense.

A group is robbing a bank or something. They're using some sort of head gear to see that is illegal every other day of the year except Purge.

Esme knows everything. 

A couple is trying to sleep through the night. She's antsy. He says it will be over soon. Not soon enough for her. The night makes her think about what's really important. They talk about babies. He has another child. It's even harder on Purge night with a child.

They begin making love.

Esme has vicks to keep the vomit smell out of her nose. There is at least one person every year who vomits while working the shift. They must have witnessed some pretty sick stuff.

Sorority and fraternity kids are out. The sorority is killing. The Delta guys are going to take part in a scavenger hunt. They just need a photo with a dead person, apparently.

Forty one minutes after the couple started making love, the guy discovers Michelle is not in bed. He hears the garage door opening. He heads out into the living area and through the kitchen. She's hunkered on the floor with a big knife. Someone is in the house.

Someone is trying to kill them with an automatic weapon. Certainly an AR-15. (That's a bad joke.)

The bank robbers are getting to the end of Purge night. But they're in! They find cash in a vault and get ready to take it.

Back at the house, Michelle is hidden by her husband. He needs her to reset the system and close the barricade. 

Dude wipes his blood on the glass door, opens it and runs out of the house. Another man enters the house and makes a beeline for the closet.

A sound from oustide calls him away. Michelle resets the barricade.

One of the robbers isn't pleased with the giant stacks of saran-wrapped cash and wants to count it. Maybe they need to get the safety deposit boxes. They only get one chance a year to get it right. 

Marcus is knocking on a neighbor's door for help. He doesn't get it. There is a sniper scanning the area with a lit scope. They're trained on Marcus. 

Sixty minutes until the end of Purge night.

Esme spots a woman in trouble. It's Drew Adams who helped Esme out of a really dark place. She wants to help her. The girl doesn't think it's cool.

The Delta duo is at the suicide bridge. It's freaky as hell. At least one of them thinks it's really awful and doesn't even want to take a picture. But they need proof.

One dude points out a hanging girl looks like the other's girlfriend. Not cool, dude.

A car swings by where Marcus is hiding and a shootout takes the attention off of him. He dumps a guy out of a nearby car and tries to start it. It sounds like the starter is broken. He's in trouble.

He does a backflip into the back seat to hide out, but can't resist the urge to peer over the seat.

Jackals are there to take the hard-earned cash of the bank robbers. Nice plan. The original robbers are clearly outnumbered. That doesn't mean they're giving up.

Thirty six minutes until the end of the Purge. At headquarters, two guys are placing bets on whether the Jackals or the robbers will come out alive.

Esme, meanwhile, is watching Drew. Even when asked to get a coffee, she cannot peel her eyes away from the woman.

On the other girl's computer, the Delta guys walk into an alley and hear a woman screaming that she needs help please. She's tied up to the front of a truck with chains. Curiosity might kill the Delta. He gets caught and dragged into the pit. 

A masket man is getting ready to stab the woman, so the dude's buddy leaves him there to die. The woman gets gutted while mask face slowly sets his gaze on Delta who is frantically trying to open the gate. 

Mask face has a cattle prod and down goes Delta.

Twenty two minutes left.

Esme is still trying to find her friend. Oh, her friend is right in the middle of a road. Professor Adams, where's the file? She's gunned down, and Esme reacts.

Marcus is still in the car. He's holding his breath so hard that he's making himself heave with his breaths. Not a good idea. Maybe he's hurt? A guy is now inspecting the vehicle. Marcus jumps over the seat to honk the horn. That draws the attention of the snipers who gun down his threat.

Nobody can be out and commiting crimes when the Purge alarm sounds, so things are getting a little testy in the bank.

Esme's still watching Drew, and that girl won't shut the hell up. It's not a case, so she needs to stop using their stuff for personal gain. Only when she gets out of the screen for a second will the girl leave. Then, Esme gets a usb stick and copies files from the thing. So, the Purge operator needs someone watching her, too. She's committing a crime.

Delta is on his knees in his skivvies. Mask is getting ready to fuck him up the ass. Delta grabs the knife out of the gutted woman and stabs his rapist. Delta goes Delta Force on his attacker and turns him into mush.

There are only 90 seconds. The robbers are getting ready to throw the money out the door. Check it. Go!

They're faced with a flash bomb. and they take off running. Stupid guy who wanted to count the cash is angry they didn't get both bags. Even after the sirens begin, the idiot heads back into the bank.

Delta is still making mush out of his rapist, and the bank robber gets out of the building as the sirens stop. But they have a code. They're being watched, and nobody wants to have anything to do with Tommy anymore.

Purge Manager needs Esme's help to see if Tommy made it out clean or not. They use a noise barometer to see if his foot was inside or outside of the bank. He's dragging his foot, and the photo finish shows his foot on private property after the siren. That's a crime.

Liquidation protocol.

Marcus makes it home to Michelle.

Delta is covered in blood, a Purger who never wanted to be in the fray.

Marcus wants to find out who almost Purged him. 

Delta lets himself out of the garage. The robber walks off into the daylight.

Esme grabs her USB stick. The cameras, though, are watching her.

Outside, people are cleaning up the mess left behind on Purge night. The family across the street gets out of their car. They all have ace bandages around their heads.

Marcus finds a phone left behind where the guy who was trying to Purge him was laying. It's filled wtih photos of him. He was being followed. It wasn't random. He was getting targeted.

Three hundred and sixty four days until the next Purge.


The Purge
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The Purge Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

So, what's this gonna be? Like a movie or somethin'?


Esme: Without NFFA this is what our world could look like every day.
Operator: You really think so?
Esme: I've seen what people do when they think no one's watching.