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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 21, NeNe Leakes continues preparing for her role on Broadway. Gregg takes her and Brentt to lunch and promises that one day NeNe's picture will hang on the wall. She believes it should be there already. 

In Atlanta, Kandi and Todd discuss their marriage and fertility issues and he asks her to consider moving to LA part time while he's filming. She has Riley to consider and can't just give a quick answer. 

Cynthia prepares for her role on Kenya's pilot with Peter's help. He teaches her to speak with a Jamaican accent so she won't embarrass herself when it's her turn to shoot. 

Kenya stresses out about shooting her pilot and then begins filming. She finishes shooting just in time to save Claudia from an embarrassing fight at Phaedra's charity event.

In light of Apollo's return to prison, Phaedra feels compelled to do something for the young African-American members of her community. She launches the Save Our Sons rally and invites prominent Black male role models to speak to a group of teenage boys in order to encourage them. 

The women help by dishing up food in the kitchen and Claudia goes in on NeNe about leaving the Dr. Jeff session.

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