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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 17, NeNe Leakes takes the women to therapy. First, she tries to convince Phaedra to attend the session. 

NeNe visits Phaedra for a drink and they end up talking about Kandi. Phaedra thanks NeNe for being a good friend but says she won't be attending the therapy session with Dr. Jeff. Kandi visits Phaedra at work and the two discuss their issues. Kandi agrees to attend the therapy session because she wants to be a team player. 

During the therapy session, Dr. Jeff lets NeNe start and she says they're all there because they don't act like grown women. He lets the women take turns talking to NeNe about their issues with her which turns the group therapy session into a pile on NeNe session. She eventually leaves after having heard enough. 

Kandi and Todd begin working on Dr. Sherry's homework assignment. Todd can only come up with one pro for Kandi and that is after minutes of thought. They're each able to come up with several cons about the other.

Claudia decides she wants to try her hand at stand-up comedy. She meets with her friend Luenell and then tries out her set on Demetria.

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