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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 20, the adventure continues as the women move from The Farm to Manila for a little more togetherness in the Philippines. 

Fresh off of their fun night together with smuggled booze and chicken in the vegan detox facility, the women head to Manila by bus. Upon arrival, they check into their hotel, find they have a personal concierge, and then turn in for a night of sleep. The next morning they ride horses to the top of a volcano, some less appropriately dressed than others, and hit golf balls into a crater lake. 

Phaedra Parks gives her volcano guide a generous tip after learning that the woman's husband died leaving her a single mother to five children. Still in the spirit of giving, Phaedra gives Kenya the floor for the discussion which has been coming for the past two years. The women make amends and agree to move forward, even when the others doubt they'll be able to do it. 

The rest of the women hang out in the lounge of their suites and have a pajama party. On their final night in Manila, they hit the town for a night of debauchery. 

NeNe Leakes has her costume fitting in New York City.

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