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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 8, Phaedra prepares for life as a single parent in the wake of Apollo's report date. She laments the fact that Apollo doesn't seem more interested in spending time with their sons and her mother tells her to press on. Phadrea realizes that her boys will be strong because they'll have her just as they always have.

Kandi sits down with Mama Joyce and the Old Lady Gang and invites them to come on the road with her for the A Mother's Love tour. They all laugh off the idea and then talk turns to Kandi's trip to New York with Todd. Mama Joyce says she won't apologize to Sharon for the things she said. 

Later, when Kandi discusses the dinner with Todd, he suggests they spend their holidays apart, him in New York with his mother and her in Atlanta with hers. Kandi doesn't like the idea at all.

After her meeting with Roger Bobb, Kenya searches for office space for a new business venture she's planning. Cynthia takes Claudia to meet with Derek J. Cynthia and Kenya are invited to dinner with NeNe, which confuses them. Neither of them can figure out why Kenya is invited.

NeNe brings Porsha along to dinner and the four attempt to put aside their various differences so they can move on since they all have so much drama. The dinner produces mixed results with Cynthia and NeNe in a better place but with NeNe needing time for their friendship to return to what it was. 

Kenya forgives Porsha. Maybe.

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