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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 13, Phaedra prepares for Apollo's prison report date by discussing this major change with a friend who happens to be a therapist. She's concerned about taking the boys to see their father in prison and how she'll explain to them where he's gone and why. 

Across town, Apollo meets with his attorneys to discuss what will happen if Phaedra refuses to bring the boys to see him and what they can do when and if she files for divorce. 

After she tells her mother that Apollo has made threats to burn the house down and is spreading rumors that she's cheating on him, Pastor Regina tells her they need to leave.

Kandi learns that her show, A Mother's Love, will have to be canceled because the promoter she and Todd hired to run the tour is out of money. Ticket sales aren't high enough for him to recoup his costs so the show cannot go on. Kandi doesn't want to blame any one person but her team blames Todd.

Kenya meets with Roger Bobb to discuss her ideas for a television show and when she doesn't get the answers from him that she wants, she decides to shoot the pilot on her own.

Dish Nation throws a party to celebrate Porsha as part of their team and Claudia attends. At the party, she tries to discuss her working relationship with Porsha and when she senses the conversation is getting too hostile, Porsha walks away from the table.

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