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Yolanda Foster heads to Italy to join her husband David for a charity event.

Lisa Vanderpump is concerned when her adult son Max wants to look into his biological family heritage. Lisa and Ken adopted Max as a baby in foster care. They changed his name and never looked back. Max doesn’t even know his birth name and Lisa sees no reason to share it. 

Kyle visits Kim when she gets out of the hospital and the two seem to reconnect as Kim tells her sister that she’ll always be her best friend. Later on Brandi visits Kim and tells her she was in the hospital because she had a hernia. She was in terrible pain and that’s why she took her ex-husband Monty’s pain pills that he’s been prescribed during his cancer treatments.

Kyle throws a mixer for all of her gay friends and the other housewives attend except for Yolanda who is traveling. Kyle didn’t invite Brandi but Kim decides to bring her along in the hopes that she and Kyle will mend fences. 

Kyle apologizes for grabbing Brandi's arm at Eileen Davidson's poker night but is still upset that Brandi tried to get in between her and her sister. Brandi makes no apologies and tells Kyle that no one wants her around, not even her husband. Kim is upset with Kyle for the way she argued with Brandi and the rest of the housewives look on as the threesome continue to yell at one another in the middle of the party. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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