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Kyle Richards takes the ladies to Santa Barbara for a spa retreat where they all indulge in massages. Eileen Davidson has to leave early for work. Lisa Vanderpump doesn't feel the least bit relaxed while near Brandi Glanville.

Everyone goes to a luncheon wine tasting which is awkward for Kim Richards as she no longer drinks and Kyle worries about her even though she says she's fine.

Later, Lisa Rinna picks up Kim from her home to take her to Eileen Davidson's poker party and realizes that something isn't right. Kim is acting nice one moment and aggressive and crazy the next. Lisa thinks she might be drinking.

At the poker game Kim continues to act erratic, upsetting Kyle. Alone in the bathroom, Kim tells Kyle that her ex-husband who is dying of cancer gave her some of his pills for her pain. Kyle tries to follow Kim as Brandi escorts her out when Brandi won't let Kyle near her sister and shoves her out of the way. 

Yolanda Foster is still in New York with her daughters. Gigi is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar and Yolanda and Gigi help Bella pick out her best shots for an upcoming campaign. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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