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Yolanda Foster hosts a scavenger hunt for the ladies in Beverly Hills. Camille is also a part of it. There are three teams. Team #1 is Kyle, Brandi and Camille. #2 is Eileen, Kim and Lynn. #3 is Yolanda, Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna. Yolanda hopes the game will help everyone bond but it doesn’t work out that way. Brandi and Kyle simply tolerate one another to get through the game. Kim is silently fuming at Eileen Davidson and doesn’t really want to play. 

Afterwards, Yolanda plans a trip to her home country of Amsterdam for her and the ladies. They all prepare for the departure. Several of the ladies fly with Yolanda to Calgary first to attend David Foster’s Foundation Gala. The Foundation raises money to support families who have children in need of organ transplants. The gala includes many stars and raises over $8 million. 

On the plane to Calgary, Kim yells at Lisa Rinna to stop talking about her sobriety issues because they are none of her business. Lisa tries to explain that she was worried about Kim after her behavior during their car ride but Kim doesn’t want to hear it and continues to be angry. Kyle is uncomfortable because she’s caught in between the two woman on the small plane. 

When the ladies arrive in Amsterdam, Kyle loses her bag and it takes an hour and a half to track it down. Everyone is tired when Kim begins yelling angrily at her sister about always making a big deal when she’s been late. Kyle has no idea why Kim is bringing any of this up now. Lisa Rinna decides that Kim is just being mean. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

I'm very competitive. Wait. I'm very normally. I’m not like weird competitive. I'm not like going to put drugs in your coffee to win.

Eileen Davidson

I am sorry. I am not putting my mouth on a straw where Brandi's mouth has been. Would you?

Kyle Richards