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Kyle Richards has opened a pop up store in South Hampton. If it works out, she will open a store in New York City. 

Erika goes over costumes with her creative designer, Mikey for Erika Jayne. She needs a totally different look for the Hamptons. 

Kim Richards was arrested in Target for shoplifting toys?!? Lisa Vanderpump calls Kyle about Kim. Kyle is in tears. She had to hear about it on TMZ. 

Eileen Davidson packs lots of shoes for the Hamptons. Her husband is upset about a $500 dress. She says he’ll drop it or she’ll start questioning his sports betting. 

Yolanda plans to go to Cleveland to have her breast implants and her free floating silicone removed. She refuses to take off her wedding ring before the surgery, saying she hasn't taken it off since David put it on her favorite. The rupture was very bad. The leaking silicone went from her breast to her clavicle. 

Lisa Rinna heads to Pennsylvania to sell her clothing line on QVC. She makes an appearance once per month. She cleans her hotel room with alcohol wipes when she arrives. Then meets Isaac Mizrahi at QVC. Afterwards, she takes a five hour drive to the Hamptons to be there for Lisa Vanderpump’s White Party.

Lisa Vanderpump and her dog, Giggy, are being photographed for the cover of Bella magazine. 

Eileen Davidson and Kyle Richards ditch the noisy hotel that the magazine put them up in after a night of no sleep and has Mauricio rent a gorgeous private home for them in the Hamptons. Lisa Vanderpump is upset that her friends have left the hotel that the magazine booked for them. She thinks the hotel is fabulous and refuses to leave. 

Kyle mentions not being able to sleep because of her sister's arrest but once again becomes upset when people ask her if she knows anything more about Kim. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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