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Lisa Vanderpump’s friend Hank gets her a different miniature horse for Ken’s actual birthday. He brings two mini-horses: one adult and one baby. Lisa walks them through their house because now they are part of the family. Ken is speechless when he sees them. 

Erika Girardi meets with her costume designer and creative coordinator for her Erika Jayne persona. 

Eileen Davidson and her husband argue over when they can argue. He doesn’t want to have any discussions until after 9am. 

Lisa Rinna meets her daughters for lunch and they talk about their upcoming family trip to Canada. Harry and the girls head up to Canada while Lisa stays behind working on her line for QVC.

Kyle Richards brings her daughters to the jeweler so Sophia can get her ears pierced. Porsha, Kyle’s youngest, wants to go into acting, so Kyle has her in private classes. Kyle enjoyed being a child actor where Kim did not. 

Yolanda Foster goes back to the house in Malibu. Erika and Tom come to visit Yolanda and David. Yolanda wants Erika Jayne to perform with Andre Boccelli in front of the Pope. Erika thinks she’s crazy.

Yolanda and David go on vacation to British Columbia, Canada. Yolanda says there’s been stress because she and David used to be partners in crime and now she can’t do things with him the way she used to. 

Kyle, Eileen and Lisa Rinna visit Lisa Vanderpump to see the mini-horses. Lisa Vanderpump says that Kim Richards trashed her on Entertainment Tonight and called her phony. Kyle is upset that they keep bringing up her sister. 

Kim Richards was in Sharknado 3. 

Lisa Rinna wonders about Yolanda. One minute she’s posting photos looking very ill and the next she’s posting vacation photos where she looks well. She wonders if this is a psychological issue or if Yolanda is looking for attention. Eileen thinks they should broach the subject with Yolanda while Kyle thinks they should keep their mouths shut. 


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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