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Erika Jayne is still dealing with the aftermath of pantygate, and confides in her assistant and friend about Dorit's intentions. She thinks it was a mean move to give her the underwear as a "gift" and that her husband should have said something to her during the event. 

At a dinner party at Dorit's house, Lisa Rinna is not happy with how Dorit's husband PK is treating her. He thinks that Rinna needs to tell Vanderpump that they got into a fight last year because Rinna was dealing with the death of her father. He continues to say Eileen should have told the women that her mother died before the reunion. When Eileen finds out, she is confused and points out that all of the deaths happened after the conflict. When she confronts Dorit, she denies that her name was ever bought up at all, but acknowledges that she does understand Eileen's mother's death has nothing to do with her issues with Vanderpump.

Camille Grammer makes her return to the show by hosting a luncheon for Erika, Eileen and Dorit. Tensions are high between Erika and Dorit, and the bicker when the topic of Dorit's dinner party and Eileen's mother comes up. Eileen and Erika tries to share her side, but Dorit continues to interrupt them.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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