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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7, begins at Kyle Richardson's home where she is speaking with Lisa Vanderpump on the phone about their dinner plans that evening. Lisa tells Kyle that she will be introducing her friends, Dorit Kemsley and husband PK at dinner that evening. Kyle explains that she knows a little bit about the couple, as Boy George (who is Dorit's permanent house guest) spoke highly of Dorit and PK when he recently starred on Celebrity Apprentice with Kyle. 

We then see Erika Girardi and husband Tom discussing her upcoming 45th birthday celebration. Erika has chosen to have a 'Studio 54' theme party. Tom gives Erika some art painted by his favorite artist for her birthday. He also gives her the Certificate of the Cartier ring that Erika has been hoping for.

Next, we see Lisa and Ken greeting their dinner guests, Dorit and PK, as well as Kyle and Mauricio at Lisa's restaurant Sur. They discuss Dorit and PK's journey as a couple, and they seem to get along very well. We also learn that Dorit has her own Swimwear brand. There is some discussion about the trip to Dubai that took place last Season and we discover that Dorit is aware of the problems that the  ladies had with each other.

In the next scene we see Lisa Rinna at home and we learn that sadly her father passed away in January. She explains that although she was expecting it, that his death has changed her views and the way she thinks about the trouble she had with Lisa Vanderpump last year. Lisa Rinna says she deserves a 'pass', and that she is so busy parenting teenage girls that she has no time to relive the drama of last year.

Then we see Erika and Eileen Davidson at lunch, and Kyle joins them. We learn that Eileen's mother also unfortunately passed away before the Reunion last year. Eileen explains that the death of her mother has put the past into perspective, and that the problems with Lisa Vanderpump are trivial.  The lades talk about the issue of the two Lisa's coming face to face for the first time since last season. Kyle then discusses the progress on her upcoming new scripted TV show.

We are then watching Dorit in her home with her Glam Squad, and she tells us that she has many housekeepers and nannies. Boy George is her permanent house guest, and Godfather to her daughter. She describes their relationship as very close and see's him as as her other 'Gay' husband.

Next we see Erika with her Glam squad and preparing for the arrival of her birthday guests. Her home is fully decorated in the Studio 54 theme and looks fabulous. In the meantime, Lisa and Ken are having drinks before the party at their home with Dorit and PK, as well as Kyle and Mauricio.They all  then go to the party together. We also see that Lisa Rinna and Eileen share a ride as well as a bottle of bubbles together.

Gradually everyone arrives at Erika's birthday party. Everyone is in the appropriate costume except it seems for Tom Girardi.Things are definitely tense when Lisa Vanderpump is reunited with Eileen and Lisa Rinna.

Dorit chats to Eileen but doesn't think what she has heard about her makes sense as she describes Eileen as very sweet. Eileen has arranged for Erika to play a scene with her in The Young and the Restless much to Erika's delight. Tom then surprises Erika with yet another gift. He has brought Erika's mother to the party, and we learn a little more about Erika's life. Her father left  them when she was just 9 months old, leaving her mother to be a single parent.

We then see the birthday cake and the ladies definitely seem happy as they are making comments about wanting to eat something. Lisa Vanderpump then tells us that she  thinks that Lisa Rinna and Eileen would probably be delighted if she was not a part of this group of friends. She also emphasizes the point that she is back, and that she is stronger than ever!


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