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Dorinda invites the ladies to her home in the Berkshires for her birthday. Turns out that Dorinda's vacation home is more of a country estate, leaving Heather's looking more like the "garage" Ramona commented on last season.

Kristen and Sonja discuss their concerns about John when Dorinda comes in. Ramona knows to keep her mouth shut but Kristen mentions his "too flirty" behavior at Dorinda's last party. Dorinda goes off on Kristen saying that her behavior as she shimmied up to John on the dance floor in front of her husband was equally as embarrassing. 

The ladies talk about Bethenny and Carole shares how Bethenny was recently in tears about the custody situation with her daughter. LuAnn and Ramona understand it's hard for Bethenny given her difficult childhood and lack of relationship with her mother. Heather has no sympathy as everyone has problems and she just had to replace her nanny after nine years. 

Ramona invites her business partner, Peter for the birthday dinner. Carole and LuAnn do a web search and find out that there's a rumor that Peter once dated Mario's mistress. They share the gossip with Heather who almost brings it up in the middle of dinner and then continues to interrogate Peter over dinner. 

Bethenny surprises everyone by showing up to Dorinda's birthday dinner. Everything seems to be going well until Heather picks a fight. 

The Real Housewives of New York City
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