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Bethenny has had enough of Ramona’s sense of entitlement. She gets the biggest room. She doesn’t like the way she treats the servants. She’s annoyed that she’s made lunch for everyone and Ramona and Sonja decide to ditch and go out but then change their minds when the realize that Bethenny is upset. 

Ramona wants everyone’s help as she’s decided to write a book about her life. Heather is annoyed that Bethenny comes across like a know it all. They argue and Bethenny almost throws Heather in the ocean but they both get over themselves. They actually kind of like each other now. 

Heather apologizes to Sonja for saying that Sonja has a problem with alcohol. Sonja accepts the apology. 

The ladies head to the Conch Shack club for the evening. Ramona has a few drinks. She hears the owner is handsome and decides to go meet him, monopolizing his attention and ignoring the other ladies. Later, Kristen and Carole call her out on her rude behavior but Ramona says she was just flirting. 

Bethenny leaves early to get back to her daughter. The rest of the ladies head out to dinner where the martinis begin to flow and LuAnn and Dorinda look drunk. Dorinda tears into a drunken tirade about how much Heather uses the f-bomb which ends in Heather escorting a sobbing Dorinda out of the room. 


The Real Housewives of New York City
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