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Bethenny and Sonja have lunch to catch up and talk about Sonja’s business which she describes as an International Fashion Lifestyle brand. When Bethenny visits Sonja’s team, she finds they say a lot but there’s little substance to it and she’s afraid this venture will fall apart much like Sonja’s toaster oven did. 

LuAnn and Dorinda have mani/pedis and talk about the dust up between Bethenny and Heather over who was invited to Bethenny's birthday party. They decide both are strong women with strong personalities. 

Heather and Kristen decide they don’t like Bethenny’s attitude and have no desire to get to know her better. 

Dorinda throws a cocktail party for the ladies. Bethenny texts back that she can't make it. Heather and LuAnn gang up on Sonja when they find out that Bethenny was invited to see her new fashion line but they were not. Ramona is upset that Sonja didn’t say hello to her when she walked in. Carole finds out that LuAnn already knows that she’s dating Adam and she isn’t thrilled because Adam used to date LuAnn’s niece. 

Dorinda’s boyfriend John gets very handsy and feels up both Sonja and Kristen in the middle of the party. 


The Real Housewives of New York City
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