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Dorinda’s birthday dinner in the Berkshires continues as Bethenny breaks down in tears when Heather pushes her to eat a meatball. Bethenny says she doesn’t want any special attention and Heather says she understands but clearly doesn’t. Things are tense for the rest of the meal.

Back in the city, Ramona is thrilled when Avery comes home for winter break but is disappointed when they can’t share a girls night because she has to finish a paper.  Later, Ramona asks her daughter how she’d feel if she and Mario got back together. Avery, who just started speaking to her father again, wants to stay out of it. 

Bethenny and Ramona bond while Kristen feels like the odd woman out. Carole tells Kristen that Bethenny called her stupid for not trademarking the name of her new nail polish line. Kristen confronts Bethenny who simply walks away, not even bothering to fight. 

Bethenny invites Sonja to her Skinny Girl branding meeting. Sonja is thrilled to be there but Bethenny is upset when there is no Skinny Girl coffee creamer but a competitor's brand.

Bethenny eventually hugs things out with Heather and argues things out with LuAnn but doesn’t give Kristen the time of day. 


The Real Housewives of New York City
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