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Sonja doesn’t think Heather was supportive of her fashion line. Heather apologizes. Andy calls out Sonja’s team on their bull about being in stores for Spring of 2015, which never happened. Sonja insists that Madonna was at her fashion show but was outside. No one believes her. Bethenny says that no one wants her to fail but they do want her to be honest. 

Sonja says she owes Kristen a car as an apology after seeing that she was really asked a question about Sonja’s toaster oven. 

Carole and Dorinda bond over losing a spouse. Ramona falls asleep during their conversation. LuAnn says she’s already had three glasses of Pinot. Andy says he’s done hundreds of hours of reunion shows and he’s never had anyone else fall asleep. Ramona was also the first person to walk off of a reunion show. She’s his All-Star. Ramona says everyone was being so calm that she fell asleep. 

Dorinda says her husband would laugh his ass off to know that she’s dating John. Richard pushed her to live her life after he was gone. Carole says that she in her husband never had that conversation because he never accepted that he was going to die. He fought it until the very end. 

Turks and Caicos is revisited. They all laugh at the flashbacks of Ramona running for a bedroom. Bethenny says she didn’t know she needed to bring her track shoes to get a bedroom. Ramona does apologize and admits it’s selfish. 

Bethenny admits she should have just walked away from Sonja instead of telling her to “shut the f*ck up!” Ramona admits that she exaggerated what Bethenny said about Sonja and created more drama. 

LuAnn admits that her “Girl Code” song is a slam to Heather and Carole. Kristen goes after Ramona about leaving a guy upstairs. I really upset her. LuAnn knew her guy was married but she says she never slept with him. No one really believes her. 

LuAnn laughs when Heather brings up security and safety in the house on the vacation. She has no problems bringing strangers back to the house. Andy brings up that LuAnn got busted by the cameras in St. Barts. LuAnn feels like Heather and Carole were trying to catch her again. LuAnn is upset that they violated her privacy. Heather says having a strange man in the house was violating her privacy.

Supposedly Heather knows more about LuAnn’s pirate incident on St. Barts but has never spilled the beans. Eventually LuAnn and Heather hug it out, then all the woman join suit. This may be the first reunion to end with hugs. 


The Real Housewives of New York City
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