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Carole shares her stories of her time with Dorinda in London with Heather. Carole has brought her late husband’s urn back to her apartment and she plans to keep it there. Heather shares Ramona’s antics from Bethenny’s party with Carole. 

Sonja asks Bethenny and Heather to help her choose models for her runway show even though Bethenny admits to having never done anything like this before. Sonja plans to debut her collection at New York Fashion Week but her CEO, Creative Director and Vice President are talking in circles when Heather asks them specific questions about the line. 

Ramona is putting the final touches on her divorce papers and plans to have a New Beginnings party but Bethenny calls her out on her old bullsh*t. Bethenny wants to know why Ramona told Heather that she cheated on her husband when their marriage hit a rough patch when that’s not true. Ramona gives one of her many apologies but Bethenny isn’t buying it and doesn’t let Ramona off the hook as she calls Ms. Singer entitled and selfish. 

Kristen debuts her Pop of Color nail polish line with Elie Tahari’s fashion show at Fashion Week. 

As Sonja prepares for the debut of her clothing line at her own fashion show she is freaking out behind the scenes as everything goes wrong and some of her models don’t show up because of the cold, or so she says. Despite a very long delay, the show goes on and everyone agrees that her collection is wonderful. All of the other housewives tell her she did an amazing job.

The Real Housewives of New York City
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