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Bethenny Frankel throws herself a birthday dinner and invites everyone but Dorinda and Kristen. Sonja shows up with her much younger model date, Dominik who also invites his roommate, Matt. Heather tries to talk to them about modeling for Jordache jeans back in the 1980s but they’ve never heard of it. Later, Bethenny has everyone get up on the table and dance.

Dorinda’s daughter tells her she’s a chubby chaser. Dorinda says John never sleeps over her house because her grown daughter lives with her. Dorinda’s considering going into business with John but she’s worried her daughter won’t approve. John wonders why she needs her grown daughtter’s approval. 

Carole is dating Adam, LuAnn’s 29-year-old private chef. She wishes there was a couple screwing emoji so she could send it out to all of her friends but she’s leery of telling LuAnn about the new relationship. 

Ramona considers going into the restaurant business with Peter, an old friend who flirts with her. 

Bethenny, Heather and Dorinda go out to dinner. Heather insists on calling Bethenny, Beth, which irks her. Heather says Kristen’s feelings were hurt because she wasn’t invited to Bethenny’s birthday dinner. Annoyed, Bethenny tells Heather the invites were a casual thing. As a matter of fact, Heather was only invited because Carole mentioned her so in essence, Heather was Carole’s plus one. 


The Real Housewives of New York City
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