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Kopus goes into Mike's cabin and to find out if he killed someone in there. He says it was an accident. Kopus says to get some bleach so they can clean it up, he'll be staying a while.

Jensen tells his daughter Rachel if she's still seeing the Indian kid she's going to be in trouble. She ignores him.

Kopus goes to see his mother, Marie, who is with Junior, the boy Rachel might be seeing.

Jensen's wife, Jean, searches Rachel's room for information about Junior. She hears someone yelling "Mommy where are you?"

The tribe is not recognized and Kopus' uncle, the chief, is trying to change that.

Jean calls Marie and threatens Junior not to see her Rachel.

Rachel and Junior are in a warehouse, smoking pot and making out while talking about romance.

While searching for a missing college kid in the woods, the police discover evidence belonging to Jean's brother that is over 20 years old. Jensen's coworker says he'll keep it on the down low because he has his back.

Kate visits her dad in the guest room and Jensen tells her him and Kate aren't getting divorced, but that mom needed space while she was getting sober.

Kopus goes to see his dad, Jack, with whom he seems to have a tumultuous relationship.

Rachel gets home and Jean lays into her. Jean tells her girls that her brother didn't need to drown but an Indian boy got him messed up on drugs and made him go swimming and watched him drown without helping.

Junior and Rachel go to see Kopus and the three then head into the woods with Mike. They go into a cabin and Kopus finds an old bottle of booze from his high school days and gives it to Junior before pulling out an air gun and aiming it at Mike. Later they are playing in the lake and Mike gets too rowdy. As they are playing, a dead body is seen flowing down in the water, a plastic bag over its head.

Jensen goes home to check on Jean and finds her raking leaves, but she's actually raked a hole into the year about a foot deep. He hangs up his gun and there is a prolonged shot of it on the door. He later awakens to find it missing and Jane gone. She's driving with it in her car.

Jean goes to Marie's house brandishing the gun and screaming Rachel's name. She tries to kick the door down.

Rachel and Junior are making out and drinking, taking selfies. Jensen goes to the old water plant to try to find them before Jean does.

Jean is traveling rapidly down a dirt road as two ATVs follow her, weaving on and off the road. Seconds later she hits something. She stops but doesn't look back to see what it was before she drives off. She later hoses off the front of her car and tells Jensen she hit an animal that was "on it's way home" and now in Jesus' arms. Jean cracks again.

As Jensen is driving to Junior's house to find Rachel, he comes across a scene where the man tells him a kid got hit by a car. Marie is already shaken so much that she won't talk to Jensen at first, agrees to help him try to find Rachel. He finds her and tells Junior if he ever goes near her again he'll kill him.

Kopus gets back to Marie's to discover the ATV Jean hit. He calls Jensen, with whom he attended high school, and arranges to meet. Jensen arrives with a rifle in hand. Kopus reminds Jenson about what happened with him and Jean in high school and says he doesn't think she's the kind of person who would hit a kid and leave him to die in the street. He's an unlikely ally and will arrange for people to make the right statements so a whole world of hurt doesn't come back on them.


The Red Road
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The Red Road Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Kate: Why do you watch this?
Jensen: Because I like it.
Kate: Even though it broke my back?
Jensen: Especially because it broke my back.

Rachel? Baby? If you ever go near her again, I'll kill you.