Seeking Happiness - The Republic of Sarah
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Sarah checks in with Danny to see how he's doing after the breakup. Grover's therapist challenges him to determine what makes him happy.

Bella and Tyler have trouble with their first time making love. Sarah calls together her congress to let them know that a massive flood is coming to Greylock because of rapid snowmelt from the recent blizzard. Sarah calls the N.H. governor for help.

Sarah grudgingly seeks Paul's help in organizing disaster relief. Sarah streams the flood-prevention plans to the citizens. Paul couldn't reach Sarah so he diverts the excess water to the Glen, to save homes, which upsets her because it buries the playhouse.

Grover rescues a dog and A.J. tries to convince him to keep it. Weston is trying to track down a whistleblower, who he doesn't know is Paul. Paul pleads with Sarah to work with him at reconnecting.

Corinne gets surprised and knocked out by a wall of water at the high school. Danny rescues her. The Canadians let a dam fail and the water is heading for Greylock. Sarah suggests rerouting the water to the Glen.

When the Lydon operating chief refuses to let them use their equipment, Danny and Sarah plan to steal them after he evacuates. They gain the equipment but fail to kill the surveillance feed, which records the crime.

Sarah agrees to dinner with Paul. Danny and Grover agree that it's hard to be around happy people. Tyler and Bella get it on after helping dig the trench. Grover tells his therapist that his caretaker side came out during the flood.

At his therapist's suggestion, Grover adopts the dog he found. Weston pieces together that Paul is the whistleblower. Danny requests a transfer out of Greylock because he can't have Corinne. Adam, hiding to surprise Corinne, overhears them. 

The Republic of Sarah
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The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

So all New Hampshire could spare was two inflatable rings and Army-Navy surplus?


Tyler: I want this.
Bella: Me too.
Tyler: I really want this.
Bella: Me too.
Tyler: It's just ...
Bella: Me too.