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The small town of Greylock, New Hampshire, has been invaded by heavy equipment of mining company Lydon Industries, leading to much speculation among the locals. In her history class, while talking about the Revolutionary War, Sarah reminds her students that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Sarah discovers that her estranged older brother Danny is point man for Lydon. At a town meeting, Danny announces that Lydon plans to mine coltan, a mineral used in electronic products, from a vast vein found in Greylock. Sarah points out that most of the mining sites are under private properties. Concerned residents shout down Danny. Afterward, Danny snidely brings up their alcoholic mother Ellen and Sarah punches him. Danny's return causes Ellen to fall off the wagon after 10 months. Sarah stands in front of a bucket-loader in an effort to slow demolition by Lydon. Lydon gets eminent-domain status from the governor and starts digging on public land. Diner owner Luis gives Sarah an idea of how to beat Lydon. Sarah determines that, because of a change in geography, Greylock belongs to neither the U.S. or Canada. She starts a campaign to convert Greylock into an independent nation to slow down Lydon. A referendum is set. Danny tries to get Corinne, his ex and Sarah's best friend, to talk some sense into Sarah but she tears into him. Lydon's lawyer threatens to reveal the truth about Ellen if Sarah doesn't kill the referendum. Danny tells Ellen what's happening and she goes on TV to confess to her alcoholic past. Sarah gives an inspirational speech. Independence passes by a big margin. Mayor Whitmore quits in disgust. A reluctant Sarah is elected mayor by acclamation. She halts mining operations. Then FBI agents arrest her for conspiring to overthrow the authority of the U.S. government.

The Republic of Sarah
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The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Sarah: Someone I know kept crashing into me in the pit last night.
Grover: It's a punk show. You're supposed to go home sore.
Sarah: I'm not complaining. You can crash into me whenever you want.

A.J.: What time did you get home last night.
Sarah: Does 6 a.m. still count as last night?
A.J.: Somebody had a fun evening.