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Danny confronts Corinne about whether he is Josh's father. Bella smoothly covers for Sarah with the media. Both AJ and Ellen come down on Sarah for her choice to lie to Corinne. Corinne goes to see Danny to have him petition the court to give him partial custody of Josh, to bring him back to Greylock. A State Department representative offers Sarah official recognition from the United States in exchange for letting the U.S. arrest Paul. She talks to Paul about their options. Bella asks her father William if she could talk off a semester from school to continue working with Sarah full time but he refuses. Paul and Ellen talk about Sarah. Grover and Sarah attempt to rush an elderly woman suffering a heart attack to a hospital because the local clinic was wiped out by the flood. But she dies because they are too far away. Sarah talks with Grover about her recognition dilemma. Danny argues with Sarah about what she's going to do with Paul. Danny rushes to Paul and urges him to go back into hiding. Paul agrees to do so and leaves town without telling Sarah. But he turns around to have dinner with her. Paul tells her he's turning herself to the State Department to spare her from having to make that decision. Danny and Sarah make up because he understands her decisions. Danny is transferring out of Greylock in two days. Sarah attempts to convince him to stay. William apologizes to Sarah and agrees to let Bella be Sarah's full-time intern. Sarah puts AJ in charge of a treaty with New Hampshire covering predatory medical corporations. Grover tells Sarah to forgive herself. They end up in bed together. Danny stays in Greylock so he can get to know Josh. 

The Republic of Sarah
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The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

For once in your life, Danny, be there.

Corinne [to Danny]

I know what it's like growing up with a father who runs at the first sign of trouble. Josh doesn't deserve that. Nobody does.

Sarah [to AJ]