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Conrad runs into a biker while running and thinking about Lily. He sprains his ankle, but he continues on his workday blowing off Irving and everyone trying to tend to him. He discovers that his former medical professor is checked into the hospital. He wants to help Dr. Jacoby figure out what's wrong with her.

She thinks she is seeing ghosts of her patients who died, and she thinks she's going crazy. Mina is super excited about Jacoby being in the hospital because she idolized her growing up and Jacoby inspired her to go into medicine. She works with Conrad on figuring out what's wrong with Jacoby.

A nurse almost has Jacoby admitted into the Psych Ward. After a series of test, Conrad realizes nothing is wrong with her physically. He figures that she's depressed and needs to make peace with the fact that she did all she could for her patients. Conrad reminds her of that. He also has Mina help her out. Mina asks Jacoby to help her fix a piece of medical equipment.

They bond over preferring machines to people. Mina tells Jacoby that she is her hero.

Jacoby reminds Conrad that he can only do what he can and he needs to forgive himself.

Devon forces Conrad to get a scooter and tells Conrad that he's mourning Lily too.

Nic is also having a tough time with Lily's death. She helps out with a foreign dignitary patient who Bell is expected to work on.

Bell takes Xanax under the advice of one of his friends. He nearly botches the surgery with the foreign dignitary and Jude lays into him during surgery and he and Mina take over. When Bel realizes that there was a mass obstruction in the man's intestines, he feels like his bases were covered. He gives Jude the option of doing another tour or going to another hospital. 

Jude tells Conrad that it's time for him to go anyway and he never should have stayed as long as he did. 

Bell tells Lane he has mismanaged his money. Lane suggests that the hospital should be run by doctors, not Claire. They make out. 

Nic takes Conrad home and tends to his ankle. He comforts her over Lily, and they sleep together. He sees the ghost of Lily while holding a sleeping Nic. 

The Resident
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The Resident Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

She was stable last night when I left my shift. What happened?


Conrad: Are you OK? Why are you here?
Eileen Jacoby: I see ghosts.