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Lane sees that Conrad and NIc came in together. 

A patient catches on fire while Bell, Mina, and others are operating. Then the sprinklers come on. 

Nic has a meeting with Claire and Joshua the man in charge of Risk management. Lily's family is suing the hospital for wrongful death. Nic is named in the suit, and she isn't allowed to operate anymore.

Bell and Conrad argue about the incident. Claire tells Bell that she will know the truth because she knows he messed up the post op on something else. 

Lane assures him that everything will be OK and that she's on his side. Bell is afraid of another lawsuit.

Devon is working the ER. He has Olivia, a hypochondriac on his hands.

Nic tells Conrad about the case and she's afraid she will be thrown under the bus. Conrad reassures her that everything is fine.

Claire calls Mina in to talk about how the fire was started. Mina tells Claire that it really was an accident.

Nic tells the risk board that Hunter pushed for the chemo even when Lily didn't want it. They inform her that Lily died of a potassium overdose from the potassium that she gave her.

Nic tells Conrad what happened, and she asks him to help her find proof that proves she didn't give Lily too much Potassium. They call in Devon for help.

Claire asks Mina's attending about her high complication rate and she and Bell assure Claire that Mina is the best.

Devon makes a catch in the OR that helps Irving and keeps him from a patient dying.

Conrad's patient is burning from the inside.

Bell tells Mina about Claire's fishing and asks her to return the favor, but she tells him that she already spoke to Claire and told her the truth.

Lane sits down with the risk board and tells them that Nic must have made a mistake because she can't think of any other reason why what happened to Lily actually happened.

Nic tries to teach Devon how to draw blood, but it doesn't go over well. She does it herself and the other nurses cover for her.

Alexis, tells Conrad that his meeting with risk management has been canceled because Hunter already spoke to the board and threw Nic under the bus. She told them that Conrad can't be objective because of the romantic relationship he's in with Nic. Also, the other people are afraid to speak up for Nic because they're afraid that they'll lose their jobs.

Conrad tries to appeal to Claire, but she doesn't believe that their best-revered doctor would lie like that. 

Conrad leaks the video of Bell's surgery to his patient to make a viral video and now the hospital is scrambling to get ahead of it.

Nic meets with the board again. She tells them she knows who probably did it but she won't say because she doesn't have proof. She realizes that Lane killed Lily on purpose to cover something up. 

Claire demands that Mina tell her the truth about Bell. She promises Mina that she'll protect her.

Claire goes to the board and tells them about Bell being a hazard. She uses the patient fire as proof, but Bell and Lane are prepared. They bring in a doctor to support Bell's explanation and says it wouldn't have happened if Claire approved the other technology that she said was too costly.

Lane tells them that they need a CEO with a medical license. 

Conrad confronts Lane and she threatens to end him.

Olivia returns to the hospital and thinks she has cancer. Irving refers her to Lane.

Nic meets with the new CEO, Bell. He fires her.

The Resident
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