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The hospital is short-staffed and faces the blowback from Conrad's run-in with Claire.

A patient comes in after falling on his skateboard. He has a headache and tells the new nurse who was previously taking selfies and is a bubblehead. 

The ER is flooded with patients and everyone is busy. Nurse Bubblehead doesn't check in the patient or give him a medical bracelet, nor does she tell anyone that he has a headache. A backpack falls off of gurney rolling past. Someone assumes it is the patient's and tosses it on there. 

A phone slides out and across the floor to an unknown location. The patient passes out on a gurney. By the time they find him, he can't be resuscitated after a hematoma. Conrad chews out the nurse until Irving and Devon told him to lay off. 

Somehow they assume that the patient is a man named Ian, and Conrad and Devon go to inform Ian's father that his son is dead. After relaying the news, they turn the sheet back and the man says that the patient isn't his son. The backpacker is now a John Doe.

Devon has an elderly woman with gallstones, but he finds it's more severe. She and her boyfriend are endearing to Devon.

Nic notices that Lily has a rash. Lily is still convinced that Dr. Hunter is the best. 

Ian comes into the hospital. Conrad, Mina, and Irving work on him. Conrad and Mina choose to do a surgery in the ER without an attending despite Irving's warning. It's a success, but the attending who previously got on Mina's case about trying to perform a technique with no supervision catches them. She benches Mina because she feels she's too arrogant. 

Ian's father identifies him and tells Conrad that the boy has a hyperglycemic. Conrad has to rush into the surgery to tell them to push calcium, but Ian is already having a seizure. 

Nic tries to get Lane to give her Lily's chart. Lane keeps telling her that it's being sent, but it never comes through. 

Shirley, the elderly woman, has cancer, but the treatment is aggressive and they aren't sure she should have it. She proposes to her boyfriend. 

Lane offers up Bell to do the surgery and Conrad disagrees. She reminds him to look out for his fellow doctors. 

Conrad tries to get Mina to persuade Bell into letting her in on the surgery, but he refuses.

Devon has to get the experimental procedure for Shirley approved by Medicare. After four hours, he does it. Then he has to arrange it so that the couple can get married at the hospital before surgery.

It's dicey at first, but Bell saves the woman. 

Nic goes to Lane's clinic to retrieve Lily's file. She catches a glimpse of the spa where the patients are receiving chemo. She also runs into an old friend from nursing school. She takes a picture to investigate the chemo being used.

Later on, she meets up with her friend for dinner and drinks. She fishes for information, but when her friend catches on, she leaves after telling Nic that Lane likes them to be discreet.

The beloved charge nurse that was cut returns after Conrad made a case for their ER falling apart. She's able to find the phone that belonged to the patient Erik, who died. Conrad is able to notify his family. 

Devon's girlfriend is investigating what could be the next Flint Water Crisis. 


The Resident
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