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Conrad is speaking to the classroom of hid patient, Micah, for career day when Micah's heart acts up on him. Conrad has to get his heart started again using things in the classroom. Dr. Bell and Dr. Lane are out hunting with a congressman when he has a heart attack and accidentally shoots his friend in the butt. Nic calls to tell Conrad that there's a heart for his patient. He tells Micah the good news. Conrad leaves Devon to run things on his own for the day. Bell's patient, the congressman, is in dire need of a heart, and because the congressman is sicker and he's a high profile patient with money, the heart for Micah is reallocated to him. Lane tells Bell to go easy on Conrad. Conrad is livid and he and Bell have it out again before Bell reminds him who has seniority. Nic comforts Conrad. Devon catches something in the patient who was shot in the butt. He discovers a blood clot so he arranges for him to be taken to surgery. Devon also has to find another heart for Micah. He does, but it's Chloe, the brain dead patient he revived. None of them can persuade the family to donate her organs. Conrad talks to Bell. He wants him to convince Chloe's mother to donate organs so Micah could get the heart. Lily the patient with leukemia wants to go home but her numbers aren't good. Dr. Hunter wanted to discharge her. Lane does so despite the numbers. Bell is asked to do a splendectomy, which he agrees to despite his hand tremor. He approaches Mina and offers to let her in on the surgery with him and possibly assist. She declines because of his previous actions. Devon's patient is not out of the woodwork. Micah is doing worse. Nic catches Conrad looking something up on the computer, and she warns him off doing something he shouldn't. Conrad heads to the lab to get two samples of blood. He switches the congressman vial with another patient. The blood tests show that the congressman blood would be incompatible with the heart so the heart has to go to Micah. Rather than telling the press there is no heart, Bell talks Chloe's mother into donating her organs. Bell then confronts Conrad about switching the vials and threatens to tell, but then, instead he makes a deal with Conrad. Conrad tells Mina to take Bell's offer. He promises her that it will advance her career. She agrees and Bell let's her do the surgery claiming he'll teach her everything he knows because his hand is shaking. Mina performs the surgery on her own with his guidance. Micah has his heart transplant. Lane reprimands Nic for questioning her in front of the other staff after lane discharged Lily. Nic checks for Lilys records, but they're gone. Later, at the bar with Conrad, he tells her that Lane's patients files go to her clinic. She stands to profit off of her patients because of the trial she runs for a cancer cure. While dancing, Conrad tries to talk to Nic about their relationship. But she shuts him down. Devon approaches Conrad to brag about how well he did. It appears to get heated where Devon asserts himself and calls Conrad out in the middle of the restaurant. Conrad tells Devon that he passed.
The Resident
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