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Devon and Priya plan their wedding.

Priya states that she wants to elope.

Conrad and Noni hook up. She tells him that he's her rebound.

Nic approaches Devon about investigating Hunter by checking out her patient files.

Chastain has fallen out of the top 50 hospitals.

Devon and Conrad work on a VIP case involving a pro-baseball player with a leg issue. 

Conrad tells Hunter that her patient doesn't want to do a biopsy. He's already dying and wants to go home. Jude offers to do the biopsy for Hunter. Hunter is upset. 

Bell tells Mina that he helped saved her job, and she tells him that she's not ready to work with him.

Devon approaches Lane about a research project, but she doesn't bite. 

Hunter tries to convince Daryl, her patient, to commit to her cancer research treatment. 

Bobby Singer sends Nic a dick pic. Conrad talks to him about it but he ends up having a shortness of breath issue. 

Claire pushes for Bell to do a surgery on a high powered VIP patient. He in turn forces Mina to work with him despite her not wanting to because he knows her needs her by his side to cover up his tremor. Mina is pissed off about it. 

Conrad is prevented from going near Bobby Singer and working with Messero's patients anymore because of his confrontation because of Nic.

Nic is annoyed at Conrad for fighting her battles.

Mina tells the board about Bell choosing her to work with him on the VIP patient. 

Conrad and NIc help Lane's patient, Daryl, escape the hospital. Conrad asks Nic for everything she knows about Lane. 

Devon has Priya looking into Lane's patients, and Priya tells him that if there is a story there, she will follow it.

The VIP patient who sexually harassed Nic won't be able to play. 



The Resident
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The Resident Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Mina [looking at Conrad]: Someone didn't go home last night.
Nic: Apparently not.

Noni: That was nice.
Conrad: Yeah, very much.
Noni: You don't have to stay.
Conrad: You trying to get rid of me?
Noni: Let's just call this what it is, a rebound thing.