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Bell and Lane are at his new apartment together, and he's thankful that she helped him get the CEO position. 

Conrad has been looking for Nic for 36 hours and hasn't found her. 

Mina and Micah finish having sex. She reminds him that he should be refraining from such strenuous activities. He tells her that they're an item because they've been doing this for a while now. She reminds him that she doesn't do relationships while making coffee. When she returns, he has collapsed on the floor because of his heart.

Conrad meets up with Nic at the detention center. She tells him what happened and how she can lose her license if she gets charged with a felony. He tells her that it won't happen.

Mina rushes Micah into the hospital. They wonder if he's rejecting the heart. 

A patient comes in with a deficiency because of his dialysis. 

A lawyer from Lane's clinic has her bail set at $100k. He tells her he'll get it, and he calls his father for help.

Micah needs a surgery and it's likely that he'll die. Conrad wants Mina to step back because he can tell she has feelings for Micah. Mina wants to get a consult from a heart surgeon.

Olivia, the hypochondriac, comes back into the hospital saying that she's sick. Devon finds out that Lane diagnosed Olivia with cancer and that she could be reacting to the chemo. 

Marshall pays to have Nic bailed out, but it comes with a price. 

One of the correctional officers gets Nic because her girlfriend, another guard, had a reaction to the sinus medicine that she was taking. 

Nic is out of jail. 

Mina approaches AJ about saving Micah. AJ agrees to take on the case because he thinks it's interesting. 

Bell wants the surgery to be done on Micah too. Micah already agreed.

Nic comes back to the hospital to meet Conrad. Devon and Conrad tell her about Olivia. Lane diagnosed her with cancer and has been giving her chemo even though she doesn't have it.

Conrad, Devon, and Nic tell Bell. He doesn't believe them. Devon tells Bell that he called the FBI already because it's required by law, and they'll investigate it. 

They remind him that he and the hospital will be held liable. The Feds will go through the files and find everything. 

Micah tells Mina that he may not see her again and that he may have already had his miracle because he got the heart.

AJ notices Mina staring after Micah when he's wheeled away.

Bell gives Lane a heads up about the investigation. He asks her if she did it and if the hospital is vulnerable. She asks him whose side he's on. She reminds him of how she's protected him. He tells her to go and get all of her files that can be misconstrued and bring them to him so that they can burn them together because the FBI won't be coming until the morning. 

Mina and AJ debate the best way to perform surgery on Micah during the surgery. 

Devon tells Olivia that she doesn't have cancer. He tells her that there is a reporter there and that she's the victim of fraud. He wants her to tell her story to Priya. 

AJ calls Mina out on being emotionally invested in Micah and reminds her that having passion and feelings will make her a better doctor. 

Micah has a scare on the table where he almost dies, but he gets his heart rhythm back and he's in the clear.

Lane heads to her clinic to go through her records. The FBI catches her when she's leaving the clinic. They arrest her and confiscate her files. Bell is there when she's arrested. He's the one who turned her over.

Priya publishes the article about Lane. Bell makes a statement to all of the reporters and press outside of Chastain. He tries to separate himself and the hospital from Lane and takes the credit for capturing Lane.

Mina is by Micah's bedside. Devon comes to check on her. She's crying.

Micah wakes up.

Bell is applauded by the board for saving the hospital. A board member tells him that Marshall Winthrop is the new boss and head of the board at Chastain. Conrad looks on from outside. 





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