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Conrad, Nic, and Mina rush to the hospital. Mina scrubs in, and Conrad and Nic look on. Bell is able to save and stabilise Marshall.

Devon is staying at the hospital because he's homeless too. Mina has no sympathy for his position. Devon keeps reaching out to Julian, but she won't contact him back. A new med sales rep shows up in her place. AJ tells Jim to stop reaching out or he'll look like a stalker.

Lane is released from prison after Bell paid her bail. Protesters are outraged and so is everyone at the hospital. Lane contacts Bell and continues to blackmail him until he gets on stand and says he lied about her and says she's a great doctor.

Mina, Nic, and new med student assistant Bai interview doctors for the clinical doctor position but none of them are good. Bai suggest a street doc she approached who declined. Nic meets him and tries to convince him to come to Chastain.

One the protesters, a former cop, is brought in after getting injured at the protest. She is a former patient of Lane's and Conrad thinks he can get her walking again. He gets Mina, AJ, and Kit to agree to perform a risky surgery. AJ is the most hesitant about it. She ends up in distress in the OR. They save her and her odds of walking again are promising.

Lane comes up to the hospital, shocking everyone, and threatens to share his arrest. Later conrad accused him of not caring about the victims Lane hurt or killed.

Marahall tells Conrad that if this happens again he doesn't want aggressive means to he taken on him. Conrad agrees.

Nic and Alec help a patient together at the clinic and he agrees to run it.

Bell is writing his resignation later when he finds out that Lane has been shot and killed (by the friend of conrad's patient.

Gordon reports Julian's disappearance after he heard that Devon went to her house looking for her and he asked Gordon about her at the hospital. Gordon says that Devon may have something to do with it.

Mina let's Devon move in with her.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Conrad: We haven't had enough time to sort out our issues, and now, just when I was getting to know my father, I might lose him.
Nic: Hey, don't go there.

Boardmember: What's his prognosis?
Bell: It's too soon to tell, but he's alive.