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Alec intrroduces Nic to Elliot an organs broker who is part of a black market. She's pissed off about it and let's Alec know it's not something she's into. 

Jessie's heart starts failing her, and Nic reconsiders. She keeps calling Kyle, but she cannot reach him. She gets money and agrees to meet up with Elliot again. 

Jessie tells Conrad about what's going on. Conrad tries to talk Nic out of it, but she reminds him that he would do anything if it meant saving her. 

Conrad also tries to talk to Alec about what he did to Nic and how guilty she will feel if she goes through with it, but Alec is a dick about everything.

She wwants to give him 10 grand as a down payment and she wants to meet the organ donor. When she finds out about the donors not getting very much of the money. She changes her mind. 

Conrad makes a deal with Bell in order to get Jessie on the transplant list. He tells Nic that Jessie is on it. 

AJ leaves the night before early, and Mina hasmore of her drinks. She wakes up asleep on a golfcourse with a headwound wearing a suit. She doesn't remember how she got there. A guy, taylor has internal bleeding from an injury and needs help. 

Devon takes care of her at the hospital, and Bell takes care of Tayle because of Taylor being a lotto winner. Bell wants to work him over for donations for the hospital. 

Mina can't remember what happened, and she's a terrible patient.Grayson comes in with pictures and footage and tells her that they were hanging out together and she was singing karoake and more. She deletes all the photos. He tells her that she was talking about dinsoaurs and how much she loves them. namely velciraptors. 

Devon and Irving are amused that she was talking about the raptor. Devon tries to advise her to consier taking a risk for AJ, and she doesn't want to do it because of their positions. 

Alec leaves.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Devon: What on earth happened last night?
Mina: I don't remember.

People love to spoon, and this requires a partner.