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Conrad is coaching Henry's baseball game when Henry has a seizure on the field. He brings him into the hospital. 

A new proposal is made that he get a VNS to stop his seizures, but Conrad is hesitant about trying QuoVadis' new tech on Henry because it hasn't be tested. He doesn't want to do it, but Bell and Julian convince Henry's mother to try it if it means stopping his seizures and his suffering. 

Gordon talks to Bell about the tech, and he's thrilled about its use because it once again will benefit his company, and he feels it will benefit both of them. Julian has doubts when she finds some studies about their last medical devices causing issues with hip surgery. 

When she asks Gordon about it, he reassures her, so she doesn't think about it again until later on when she talks to Devon. He prompts her unknowing to follow her gut. She goes to the site where the devices are packaged and talk her way in there. She sees that Gordon has lied and that all of their products are being made in China. 

Bell is being deposed when his relationship with Lane is brought up. He goes to prison to talk to her, and she blackmails him into helping her with her case and getting out of there. He's reluctant at first and threatens her back, but his receptive too. 

Nic has a patient in dire need of heart transplant who has broken heart syndrome. She soothes him while MIna and AJ head to retrieve the heart he will be receiving. 

Mina has been worried about Micah when he stops breathing in his sleep, and she wants him checked out. AJ asks her about love in the ambulance while they bring the heart back. She shares with him her past history and how she was watching her sisters as a kid when she fell asleep with the stove on. 

The house caught on fire, and her sisters both died in the fire. 

Nic is noticing that there is sexual tension between Mina and AJ. She calls AJ out on falling in love with Mina, and he doesn't disagree. 

Priya wants Devon to move to San Francisco with her. After a sucky day at the ER where everything imaginable happens to him, he comes home and tells her that he's staying there. 


The Resident
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