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Conrad goes to Nic's home to have their discussion. He tells he he feels like they aren't moving forward in their relationship, and she's holding back. He wants to marry her, but she's not even open to them moving in together. She feels like he's pressuring her. 

He tells her that if they can't move forward they need to take a step back and calls it quits for now in their relationship but says they'll still be friends. 

Nic is upset while driving into work and pulls over. A car passes her and is shot up with gunfire. She rushes to their aid and a mother and her son are shot while the father tries to help them. They are rushed to the hospital, and AJ and Mina repair the bullethole in the mother's heart. 

Kit has to help the young boy, Danny, and retrieve the bullet that hit his spine. She's emotonal when she has to do is surgery, and her hand shakes. Bell talks her through it. they save the boy, and he isn't paralyzed as they feared. 

Devon's patient is a woman who comes in with her husband and ends up needing an emergency c-section. It's Devon's first baby. The doctor who performs is asks Devon how long he's been in the country. 

Lea recuperates from her c-section, but Devon notices there is blood in her urine. He asks Stewart to check on it, but Stewart says it's normal. 

Lea and her husband Wade video chat their daughter, but she's still not feeling well. Wade asks the nurse for help, but she's not of much help and says she'll check on Lea when she gets the time. He sends for Devon instead. 

Devon asks the nurse when is the last time she checked on Lea and she says she hasn't becaue she's too busy. Devon calls her out on treating Lea differenltly. Devon calls Stewart while he's in surgery and also calls him out on not paying attention to Lea because of her race. 

Stewart OKs Devon's request for a CT. Devon wants a rush on it, but when he asks the nurse again, she doesn't have the results. He's upset with her because she never contacted him to put the rush in. 

Lea is bleeding heavily into her bag, and Stewart sees it. They rush her into surgery. When they open her up she's bleeding out so they call Mina and AJ for trauma. When they get there to work on her, they can't do much, and Lea dies. 

Devon calls Stewart out on his racial bias. He, AJ, and Mina have to tell Wade his wife died. Aj does it, and the two men comfort Wade as Mina cries. 

Bell apologizes to Wade for what happened because it never should've happened. Devon and Mina talk to Bell about Stewart and Colby's racial bias. Bell agrees that something has to be done. Devon comes up with suggetions to prevent maternal mortality from happening on their watch again. 

Bell approaches the board and presents the plan.

Jessie needs a kidney transplant. She's upset that he will have to be on dialysis for six months before she can make it onto the transplant list becaue of her being fresh out of rehab. Nic says she will get tested to see if she's a match.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Nic: I learned to take care of myself.
Conrad: I think holding up the world is your cross.

Conrad: Looks like we're finally doing this.
Nic: Looks like it. You first.
Conrad: Oh, okay. Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and realized something you never understood before?
Nic: Uh, I guess. I mean not often, but yeah.
Conrad: I'm built to keep moving forward. If there is a mountain, I'll climb it. If there is a race, I'll run it. But what I don't do is stay in the same place...
Nic: That's what you think we're doing.
Conrad: I think, Nic, I think I want something you don't want. Movement towards our future. I'd marry you, Nic, but I don't ask because you don't even want to live together.
Nic: Why are you putting all this pressure on me now?
Conrad: Why is making more of a commitment to me a burden?