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Mina's patient is a friend who has the BRACA gene and needs a double mastectomy. She doesn't want to do it, but Mina tells her she needs to. Mina at some point reaches out to her mother who is coming to Chastain.

Bell and AJ are ecstaction waiting for this famous surgeon from Nigeria to come to Chastain. Mina is unenthused. Dr. Josephine Okeke arrives, but she bypasses Bell and AJ and kisses and hugs Mina. She's her mother, and they are shocked by this.

Josephine agrees to lunch with AJ, Bell, and Mina, but first, she goes to check in on the patient. She convinces her to have the mastectomy and criticizes Mina for not having a good bedside manner.

At lunch, Josephine tries to bring up the fire and death of Mina's sisters to expose and humiliate Mina. Mina tries to avoid it, and AJ deflects to come to her rescue. Mina eventually leaves, but when Josephine gets back to her limo, Mina is there waiting for her. The women talk.

During the surgery, Josephine has control issues and lashes out at everyone in the OR. She even throws a scalpel, which surprises Bell who is watching on. AJ isn't surprised and calls the woman a narcissist and terrible person despite being a great surgeon.

Later on, Mina is crying in the OR. She tries to hide it at first from AJ, but she eventually hugs him, and he embraces and comforts her.

Nic and Conrad meet with Henry to see how he is doing. They notice bruising on him, and they ask Zoe if it has to do with her new boyfriend who left early during the checkup. Conrad sits with Henry to color, and Henry says he doesn't like his mom's new boyfriend. He also doesn't want him being sick to drive him away because he makes his mother happy.

He admits that he has been having seizures and falling down and it's not like before. On their way out of the hospital, Henry passes out in the lobby. Conrad and Zoe take him back to the ED. They work on him and he codes. They figure out that the VNS is slowing down his heart and they have to turn it off but the wand to do it is at the clinic. Conrad races across the street to get it and rushes back as Henry is coding.

They keep him alive, but Conrad tells Bell that the device failed and they have to stop doing business with QuoVadis.

Devon's patient comes in with pain. His chart says he had an appendectomy but scans say he still has an appendix and his pain isn't kidney stones as Devon presumed based on his medical information, but his appendix.

Devon is reprimanded for not knowing that he had an appendix. Devon realizes that his patient is patient has complications and must be rushed to surgery. His records said he had an appendectomy but after looking at scans he still has an appendix.. Devon’s patient is out of surgery but is hypotensive.

Devon cannot figure out what is wrong with his patient. He calls his emergency contact listed, his brother, but the cell phone rings at the patient’s bedside. Devin cannot figure out what is going on.

Devin has figured out that his patient is a twin and stole his brother’s insurance card because he doesn’t have insurance. His patient suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.


The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Patients need warmth, Mina, but that's alright. Mother's here.


AJ: Josephine Okeke is your mother?!
Mina: Yes, and I would appreciate it if you kept that to yourself.