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A snowstorm hits Atlanta. 

A car speeds through and runs into an ambulance. Kids are inside, and they drove their father to the hospital after digging him out from the snow. He was frozen. 

Mina has to perform a surgery on him, but the Raptor was stuck out in the blizzard. She feels uneasy doing a solo surgery and he treks through the snow in an attempt to get to the hospital in time. He talks to her on the phone a few times to reassure her about doing the surgery. 

He seeks refuge in a bar for a while before hitchhiking with a snow plow. He races down the hall to the surgery, but Mina has finished by the time he gets there. Later on, the patient is overheating and they have to bring in buckets of snow to use to cool him down.

Bell is in charge of the children while their father is being treated. The young boy takes to Bell and he bonds with him. He has to leave the kids with Kit when he has to perform emergency surgery. He's touched when he finds her and kids asleep the next day, and he gives them the good news about their father. 

Nic and Conrad's patient Donna is in the hospital dying, but she's waiting to make it to hospice. She lets them know she doesn't want extreme measures taken and tells Nic about someone named Bob she wants to see before she dies. 

When she falls ill and needs surgery, Nic goes behind Conrad's back to Bell. He okays it when he finds out she's insured, and Conrad is pissed that Nic is violating this woman's orders. 

During surgery, Bell has to resuscitate her and Nic is upset that he went against Donna's wishes. Donna is OK and forgives them in the end. Her old flame visits and she tells him to go to hell. 

Nic tells Conrad that they need to talk, but she's too tired to talk now. Conrad is concerned. He was previously concerned about Alec's feelings for Nic. Something Jessie also noticed too. 

Devon mentors a young medical student.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

AJ: Mina, are you afraid to fly solo.
Mina: I am not afraid.
AJ: Well, you should be. Fear makes it careful.

Can I punch him? Kidding. This is the new Conrad, remember?