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Conrad joins a team and finds a young man injured in the woods. The boy had sickle cell trait which caused some issues at the altitiude he was at.

The hospital has a blood shortage, and to buy some time, they put Fritz, the boy into a hyperbaric chamber. When there isn't enough blood while AJ is operating on him, Conrad uses his own blood for the patient in a crazy and unsanctioned move. 

AJ gets lightheaded whlie performing the surgery. He tells Mina about finding his birth parents. His mother is a successful surgeon who didn't want a baby in med school, but she and his father are still together and have other kids. Later on he tells Mina he isn't mad about it, but she can be mad for him. 

Nic tries to find out if she's a match for Jessie, but she isn't. Kyle finds it too, but he tells Max he isn't even though she finds out later that he is. He tells her that it would be wasting a kidney if Jessie relapses. 

It's just her and Jessie after Kyle leaves. Alec approaches her with her a solution if she's willing to risk it. 

Grayson's mother VIvian comes into the hospital with knee issues which Kit diagnoses as gonorrhea she got from her ex-husband. It makes things awkward for Bell. 

Brett tells Bell that he wants to try again with Kit, and she tells Bell that she hasn't made up her mind yet.He gives her space to do so but tells her that he'll be there waiting for her. 

Conrad hangs out with Devon and Mina after their long day. 

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Grayson: Dr. Bell, Dr. Bell, di you give my mom gonorrhea?
Bell: You gonna hit me?
Grayson: No. No, I'm a pacifist.

Grayson: Dr. Bell, 911, my mom is in the ER. Dr. Bel!
AJ: That's all you, bro.