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Nic and Mina are running together when Conrad calls to tell her Jessie is at the hospital.

Jessie participated in a drug trial to make some money. It was a double blind test and some patience got the drugs and others got a placebos.

Her friend John collapses.

Priya tells Devon she has been offered a spot at the San Francisco Chronicle and she has to move soon.  Devon doesn't know how to react.

Nic  tells Bell the drug trials need to stop.  Dr. Bell considers it until the doctor tells him it means no money for Chastsin. 

AJ looks for a new intern. Mina consults with him and Conrad on a case. Ernest is blind, deaf, and losing functions. His wife is overwhelmed and tempted to give up.  

They figure out what is wrong with Devon and perform surgery but device breaks off inside him.

Mina makes the save during surgery. He does better and his wife feels better too.

Jessie gets sick too. John dies from complications. Bell calls it on the drug trial and everyone is given steroids. Jessie almost dies but stabilizes.

Julian tries out Devon's device. At one point it looks like she is having a heart attack but she isn't. She had a panic attack. They kiss.

Dr. Bell tells the doctor there will be an investigation and charges.  The doctor is shocked.  

Devon apologizes to Julian. They agree to act like it didn't happen.

Bell tells John's family he's dead, and Conrad sees how much it has affected him.

AJ asks Mina to come work with him again. She agrees.

Devon performs his wedding dance at the bar they are hanging out at. Everyone joins in. He slow dances with Julian and they look cozy. Mina and the others take notice.  

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

AJ: A year ago Ernest was the life of the party. What happened?
Conrad: I think he's being poisoned.

Patient's wife: At least he remembers my name. Sometimes I wish he didn't.
Conrad: No one takes care of the caretaker.