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A patient comes into the hospital and is pronounced dead. Irving and Devon call it. While he and the gang are joking around at the nurse's station, the body bag sits upright. 

It turns out the patient, Remy's condition had it where he heart rate and all stopped. He had too much iron in his system. 

Conrad and Devon snipe over the case and because of the residual issues from the previous case when Conrad did what he did to get information from the criminal. 

The tension between them is thick. They once again butt heads with the case. They thought Remy and his girlfriend Bella were addicts. It turns out that they consider themselves vampires. 

Remy has to stop his vampirism in order to not get sick again.Bella doesn't like it, and she doesn't think they can be together if they have differnent viewpoints. 

Devon takes that to heart. He and Conrad have a talk, and he tells Conrad that they are differnt doctors and people. They don't do things the same way. 

Hades, a known white supremacist comes into the hospital. He doesn't want to be helped by most of the staff. However, when Cain comes in to the treat the guy and tells him he's gong to die without surgery, Douglas, the man's alter comes out and says don't listen to Hades. 

He tells them that he has Multiple Personality Disorder but Cain doesn't believe in it. Nic presses him to check the man's psych records but he refuses. 

He figurs out that there's a part of the Hades brain that he needs to do surgery on but Hades returns and takes back his agreement to do surgery. Cain disregards it and later disregards Nic and Bell's calls to not perform the surgery since he didn't have proper consent. 

Cain does it anyway. Later on Nic shows Cain the psych chart and while he was right about him not having DID, Cain did the surgery thinking it would remove the Hades persona when he really got rid of Douglas. 

Hades' supremacist buddies harass and threaten Bell. 

AJ and Mina are on their way to a conference where Mina is giving a speech. AJ wants to see his prized mentee in action. 

Their car breaks down in the middle of a small town. The town is super creepy with voodoo scarecrows and people who aren't friendly. They want them out of their town. 

AJ and Mina have a moment when they're about to head to their separate rooms to sleep. They both have nightmares. The woman they met earlier needs their services. 

They realize the town doesn't like doctors because of what RRMM did to their town. They dumped medical waste in the town and shut down their hospital. 

Mina and AJ save their friend. The town is apprciative and they tell them to sue RRMM even though they work at Chastain under them. 

AJ has to go with the patient to Chastain and hates that he can't see Mina. He lets her drive his car. 

She asks for advice, and he gives some to her via text. She walmost responds with a heart. He tells her to imagine the person she wants to impress most while speaking and she imagines him. 

The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Hey, Pravesh, can you please tell me why your dead patient is currently sitting up in his body bag?


Mechanic: I don't work on cars like this.
AJ: Really? Your customer reviews online say differently.
Mechanic: Well, it ain't gonna be cheap.
AJ:  Well it's a good thing that money isn't an object.