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While attempting to bring in a case with conjoined twins, Bell sees Cain on the Montel Williams show promising to perform the mother of all surgeries on a mother of seven with cancer.

The case will involve Kit and Bell too. Kit doesn't want to do it because the surgery is virtually impossible to perform and she doesn't want to kill the woman.

Devon who is doing an oncology rotation takes in the tension between Kit and Cain. Cain refuses to practice the surgery. Cain is rude during the surgery. They get all the cancer but the woman hasn't woken up.

Mina and Nic reopen the clinic against the rules. Nic manipulates Bell to get her way by using publicity via Montel.

Mina's friend Adaku is back and she's pregnant. Mina is worried because of Adaku's cancer. They have disagreements when Adaku refused to see if her embryo had the Braca gene. Devon reminds Mina to be supportive.

AJ's birth father visits him. They have tension and exchange words. Lamar says that he's dying and it's heriditady so AJ is too. AJ runs tests and talks to Conrad, but he's fine..Lamar needs heart surgery though and AJ is the best.

. Mina doesn't think he should do it. AJ talks to Lamar and tells him about growing up and wanting his parents to wand him and find him worthy.

AJ does the surgery and shares a moment with Mina. Later, Lamar tries to get him to reach out to his birth mother.

Nic tells Conrad she wants to move in together. Later she surprises him with the house they looked at before and with a bunch of chickens.

The Resident
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