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  • Bell goes on a talk show to talk about the supplement. He impresses the host and reaches the audience. 
  • He finds out later that another person at another hospital has died. he tells his publicist that they need to recall. 
  • No one wants to do that yet, so he enlists the help of Conrad to figure out what's causing everyone to get sick. 
  • Conrad is happy to put of the paperwork and he and Devon try to figure out what's going on. Devon thinks that Bell is trying to cover his ass, but Conrad is giving Bell the benefit of the doubt. 
  • One of the patients is being discharged when he falls ill again an codes. 
  • They hold the others as long as they can and run through all of the tests. They have them go through all of their routine to figure out a connection between the three patients they have. 
  • Timing is winding down, and Bell decides that he has to do what's right and recall the product. His publcist suggest he make Andrea the fall person for it because she can recover better. 
  • Bell refuses and talks about his childhood and how his father was a good man and he wants to be more like him. 
  • He instead drafts a statement that he plans to make to the press. 
  • Conrad realizes that the patients got the supplement from a home shopping network, and that it was delivered along with the clothes they were wearing from a boutique on that same network. The clothes were causing them to get sick, not the supplements. 
  • Conrad stops Bell before he makes his statement. Andrea is also happy that they're in the clear. 
  • The television host suggest that when he retires soon he wants Bell to maybe take over. Bell says he'd rather stick to medicine, but he has a moment where he seems to be considering it. 
  • It's Cain's opening of his neuro center, and they haven't worked out all the bugs. They don't have all the products and medicine and nothing is working. 
  • Nic tells him to postpone but he refuses. 
  • Annie brings in the girl she adopted so that she can have a turmor removed. Cain is going to do it, so Nic says she'll scrub in. 
  • Surgery is going well at first, but then things go awry. When they need medicine to get Lucy's temparture down, they can't find it in the OR. The cabinet isn't stocked. 
  • Nic has to race to another or to get medicine for Lucy. Cain saves her, but just barely. All is well, but Nic goes off on Cain anyway. He doesn't seem to care that he almost lost a young patient. 
  • Mina and AJ work on a transplant case with Torres. 
  • Two patients were roommates and had similar requirements for a heart. They drove each other crazy and seemed to hate each other. 
  • The older patient was annoyed by the younger one. A heart comes in, and it was supposed to go to the older patient. 
  • But when he has a tempature, they can't give it to him. He goes back on the transplant list, and the younger patient gets his heart. 
  • Except  the younger patient dies after the transplant after having complications. They have a procedure that they can give the heart to the older gentleman. 
  • They tell him that the younger patient actually loved being with him in the room and requested to stay.
  • Torres asks AJ if Mina is seeing someone. He thought they were a thing. AJ tells him that they aren't. Torres plans to ask Mina out, but Mina beats him to it. 
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