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Nadine tells Devon that her father is throwing a gala to thank all the doctors who saved her and to meet him.

Irving proposes to Jessica and she says yes.

Logan tells Conrad they are getting rid of the ob department and he has to fire all the residents under it. Transfers are bleak and they'd have to start as an intern again.

Devon's patient is a fashion designer who has stomach pains. He finds a mass inner stomach. Mina is a fangirl and loves her work. She jumps on the case.

Devon is preparing to leave for the gala and Gemma hooks him up with a tux, but when she has pains and needs immediate surgery, she begs him to stay with her. He does though it makes him late.

Gemma has an issue eating her own hair and has a hairball obstructing her intestines. When she wakes she tells Devon to go to the gala.

He meets Nadine'a father. The king wants Nadine to go back home.

Bell invites mina as his plus one and she goes with him. She wears a dress she made. They dance together.

Conrad and Nic treat a teen who has symptoms that her stepmom keeps dismissing. It turns out she was being poisoned by tea her stepmom gave her but it wasn't intentional as Conrad and Nic initially thought. It was the tea manufacturer.

They go to the gala and dance and then sneak away. Nic says that they should get married for insurance purposes. He rejects her proposal so he can do a more romantic one. He presents her with the ring and she says yes.

Logan tries to impress the king. And get him to donate. He says he would only donate to Boston medical who will deliver his God daughters baby who has a heart issue.

She goes into labor and AJ and Mina take her to the hospital and deliver the baby but it needs immediate surgery and won't make it to Boston.

Conrad reminds Logan that grateful parents are the best donors and it would be a Shame to close the ob department and let the money go somewhere else.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

This is a business. You wanted this chief resident title, it's time to earn it. Give the obstetrics residents notice.


As for the staff, I need you to give notice to the residents.