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  • Devon does a roation at the Vent Farm and he recognizes Dawn Long, the recipient of the mother of all surgeries. She's basically a corpse. He inquires why she's still there and hasn't been let go. 
  • He then notices that she's sick again,so they have to ship her to Chastain. 
  • She's been at the hospital five times with pneumonia and other things.
  • Devon and Nic say that she needs to be let go, and Cain surprisingly agrees. He seems to show signs of sypmpathy and compassion for his patient and says she has to last another day until her kids can get there to say goodbye properly. They agree. 
  • Logan talks to Cain after getting an alert that Dawn is back and wants to know why they haven't let her go yet. Cain tells him that she has to last another day, the six month mark, and then she will offically be recorded as surviving the surgery and all the good press won't be a waste. Logan agrees but asks why she kept coming back and wonders if Cain is sure about her not being sick.
  • Cain has a nurse run some more test and take them to the lab, but makes her only share the results wit hhim and no one else. 
  • Kit's family comes into he ER. her son in law is coughing badly and has to get checked out. Her daughter is a medical student. 
  • Kit has Conrad check him out, but tells him to filter information through her because her daughter has bad anxiety. 
  • Conrad agrees for a bit, but gets uncomfotable when he finds out that Derek has cancer in his lungs. Eventually, he puts Derek's need to know information ahead of coddling Molly, Kit's doctor. 
  • Kit gets upset, but knows he had to do what was right. Molly is devastated and flees, but after a talk with Kit, she comesback to support her husband throuch chemo. 
  • It's touch and go and his first round almost kills him but Molly catches the potassium spike in time.
  • Bell is iced out of his surgeries and taken off the scheducle because of his TV job. 
  • AJ invites him to help him save Landry the owner of the soccer team. They kick butt during the surgery. 
  • Bell realizes he wants to do both his surgeries and his TV station job, and that's what will set him apart from his predecessor. 
  • He shines on the show even having Landry video in to talk about the save. 
  • Cain tells the kids to let their mother go. They unplug her and have a ceremony in the room. 
  • Cain gets a call from the lab that Dawn has a superbug and that it can spread if it gets out. If not contained, i twill cause a pandemic. 
  • Cain races to her room, but it's too late. They've already switched out her sheets and put the monitor int he room with the other equipment, and all the staff and everyone are on to other things. 
  • Cain looks panicked. 
The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Conrad: I'll try to filter any news through you first, so you can be the Molly whisperer, you're lucky I like you.
Kit: It's the accent.

Nic: Dr. Cain, are her children aware that she's not going to be waking up?
Cain: Absolutely not. Because we don't know that for sure yet. The brain is an enigma, anything can happen.